Saturday, 4 October 2014

067: Some VERY wild things!

I said it near the end: "This is the party that everyone will be pissed that they missed." I know my snapshots won't be doing it justice, and there will be a bunch of photographs out there by better photographers (I'll link them in when I find them). I'm not going to be the best photographer, but I'll try to be the first to bring you the flavour of this, the most awesome party I've been at in quite a
while. A LONG while.
   Holtwaye Art Space (SLURL here) had a party to celebrate the mounting of a display of fascinating art, curated by Holter and Wayne [waynenz Resident]. I'm going to have to head back to check out some more of the art, because I got completely lost in the amazing outfits everyone was wearing. The theme was "Where the wild things are ..." and
believe me, all the wild things were at the party. That's me looking like King of the Jungle, and compared to the rest of the wild things, not very awesome at all. I'm not going to even try to say "best outfit" but my friend Bock McMillan and his party looked really incredible. Hell, EVERYONE looked incredible.
   Cupric Router laid down awesome tracks. I'm not sure what to call it, I'm not
very good at figuring out these kinds of recherch√© musical styles. Maybe -- funky dance folk music?  Hipster bounce?  (Someone help me out in the comments!) It was really a refreshing change from dance music, although I like dance music. But this was an afternoon where I heard music I'd never heard before and wouldn't even know where to go looking for. And it was just as cool as
everything else about this party.
   I'm just going to let all these incredible outfits speak for themselves. There was so much going on, what with costumes and artwork and all, I crashed twice; some of these pictures may not be fully rezzed, but I'll give you them anyway. I was firing off pictures like a paparazzo at the Oscars, just to try to capture all this creative goodness.
   You know, when I first came into Second Life, this was the kind of event that I dimly imagined I would be attending all the time. I've had a lot of fun in SL, but I don't think I've been to more than a couple of events in all these years where people brought this level of energy and creativity and just fun. Thanks, Wayne and Holter and Cupric, for making this all possible. You made
my weekend!

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