Tuesday, 19 August 2014

051 ... then Monday night dancing at The Vault!

See my previous post as to where I spent my evening from 5 to 7 SLT; after dancing at Woof Lounge, I went off to dance at The Vault from 7 to 9 SLT, because Monday is their regular (and so far only) party evening.  (You can find it with this SLURL.)

I've written about The Vault before, and its principals DJ Peaches (Apples Adamski), Russ Callahan and Cupid (Cupidity). It's worth saying again -- there's something different about this place. They don't allow gestures; policy of the house.  Oh, I don't think they'd throw you off the balcony for inadvertently using one, but probably someone will speak to you privately.  I don't mind the occasional gesture, but man, it sure is nice to not have any go by.

It's not just the absence of gestures, it's that The Vault tries to get people talking to each other in the public channel. And as I've said before, I think people like it. This is why a lot of us come to Second Life, to meet new people and talk to them, and it's easier to get to know someone if you're not doing it through a confusing channel of somebody yelling WHOO!! in three-foot-wide letters in the public feed.

SL being what it is, the public channel at The Vault is quite naughty and sexualized, which is also fun. Last night the staff ran a competition to name Miss Peaches's boobs with L$500 to the winner. People were just shouting out names as they thought of them, and going off on side trails of conversation -- and for all I know carrying on just as many IM channels as I was, since I've gotten to know the three principals and other people who were there. Personally, I thought the best suggestion was Mary-Kate and Ashley ... but they liked my own suggestion of Pinky and The Brain better.  Go figure!

Peaches has a taste for a harder rock set than most DJs I dance to regularly in SL, but she takes requests and managed to carve in both a piece by Caswell and one by Amanda Lepore. That to me says she has the skills to do the mixing and the ability to respond to her audience's requests.  A good time was had by all.

I'm told that the team is looking into adding DJs and opening up The Vault to another night or two a week of fun. Sounds good to me!

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