Saturday, 22 March 2014

012: Nice outfit, Fenton! (Fenton.Luik)

Fenton Luik (Fenton)_001

Aqua on a Saturday night is always crowded and fun, especially when Lex Solari-Holland is DJing and his partner Christian Holland-Solari is hosting -- I think I heard Christian say there were 35 guys on the dance floor and I can believe it. Popular events like that are always laggy, and I was in the middle of about six conversations at once with friends, but when I spotted Fenton (Fenton.Luik) in a corner of the dance floor with his partner DannyA (DannyAyers) I figured I had my next "Nice outfit!" post.

Fenton Luik (Fenton)_002

It's not just that he's wearing a great white T-shirt from Redgrave -- which made me envious and pissed off at the same time, because Redgrave doesn't make clothes that fit l'Uomo bodies.  Part of it has to do with the fact that I wasted some money today buying myself a white T-shirt that doesn't fit worth a damn -- the usual holes in the rear shoulders and a prim attachment at the bottom that doesn't even line up with the top layer.  Aaaarrrgh.  Isn't that a great Redgrave T-shirt, though?  It looks like something that a guy would wear in RL, maybe somebody with a nice muscular body who doesn't feel compelled to wear Lycra or Spandex and let everyone know every ounce of his bulking progress at the gym. Instead, this is shaped like it's on a man's natural body. I even took a photo from the back to show that the T-shirt is carefully shaped to look like there's a natural waistband of a pair of jeans underneath it.  The sleeves of the T-shirt end right where they should to show an armband tattoo right where men actually have them. And the neckline is exactly the shape it would be if a thick cotton T-shirt had been washed a couple of times.  Emilia Redgrave is a really, really good designer, isn't she?

Fenton Luik (Fenton)_003

It was the T-shirt that interested me, but then I liked the whole look that went with it. I took a shot of Fenton's lower half just so you could see that the whole outfit goes together to create a consistent look. He looks -- normal. No fuss, no jewelry, simple haircut, and even an ordinary pair of everyday white trainers. Understated, natural, very masculine, and the whole outfit works together to give the viewer a picture of a guy who has the good sense to let his natural good looks be discovered by the passer-by's eye rather than calling attention to them.

Don't get me wrong. His partner DannyA (in the cut-off T-shirt that says "Baiter" on the front) is also a handsome guy with a consistent look who looks like he dressed to go out to the club; a little more put together, a little more stylish, and showing a bit more six-pack. And, since he's in a club filled with gay men, that makes perfect sense; he's dressed for where he is, which is always appropriate. Fenton looks like he might have been running a little late and didn't have time to go home and change after the gym, or a day of errands, or something ordinary like walking the dog. I like that idea a lot, because it's the look of someone who doesn't dress for where they're going, they dress for who they are. It's a philosophy that can take you anywhere, in either RL or SL. Maybe it's just that I always tend to assume that men who are dressed simply and well have a confident personality, and confidence is always attractive. Fenton turned out to be a nice, confident, and friendly guy, just as you'd expect; he looks like what he is.  And that always looks good.

Nice outfit, Fenton!

Fenton Luik (Fenton)_004





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