Saturday, 22 March 2014

011: Party at Pegasus

Today what got me out of the house and out and about in society was an event that was part of the 4th Anniversary celebration of Romanum. Romanum, of course, is a Roman-themed sim for men only where residents role-play all social levels of ancient Rome, from the Emperor right down to lowly servi (what we'd call slaves), who enthusiastically serve their betters in every way you can think of and a few that probably should stay behind closed doors <grin>.

March 22 2014 Romanum anniversary party_002

There were a lot of events yesterday and today; I only had time to attend this one party, and it was a good time. It always made me feel special when the Emperor showed up at an event I'd attended, and today was no exception. The location was the new Pegasus Tavern, which gave a fresh update to an older gathering place.  It was great to see some old friends and new ones in traditional Roman garb, and congratulations are due to the DJ (Thordin RedWolf) and particularly the coordinator of events, my friend Austen Twist Argenteus. I've known the Argenteus family since my first day in Romanum, and Austen and his brother Corban Neximus Argenteus have remained my friends.

March 22 2014 Romanum anniversary party_001

Unfortunately my photographic skills weren't really equal to the task of carrying on multiple conversations AND taking good pictures, so there were only two that are even remotely worth sharing, each with its own flaws. Believe me, the ones you aren't seeing were much worse. But chalk it up to the fact that I was having a good time and catching up with old friends.

Congratulations to His Imperial Highness and all the many subjects of Romanum on their anniversary, and I wish them many more happy years in the future!

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