Sunday, 20 December 2015

166: Behind the scenes of our Christmas card

Yesterday Alex Thaub and I finally got down to work on our Christmas card for 2015. As usual, the dogs were curious about what the foolish humans were up to; I saw them in the window keeping an eye on us -- just in case there was food involved, in the case of the bassets. Tiger is not as greedy and bores easily, and I kept seeing him out of the corner of my eye, which made me wonder why he was so curious. But I was
trying to set up a photograph.
   When we were nearly finished, Alex nudged me and whispered, "Don't make any sudden moves, but look over towards the garage and see what the dogs were keeping an eye on." Sure enough, a little family of deer had wandered in, searching for food. Tiger wanted to protect the property, of course, and was anxious to chase them away; Porky and Petunia were merely curious. The deer could apparently tell we meant them no harm, but we didn't get any
closer ... Alex found some oatmeal in the cupboard and we scattered that for them; they disposed of it quickly as we watched. And Tiger sulked for a few hours that we hadn't let him tear the deer to shreds ;-)
   It felt like Christmas, to be able to feed some hungry strangers who don't have the same easy life that we do. Alex and I hope you have the opportunity to make your Christmas meaningful by making life better for someone else.  And I'll post our Christmas card later today!

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