Sunday, 13 December 2015

165: Lazy Sunday afternoon

Alex Thaub and I were at home on Sunday afternoon; we did some chores, swept and dusted, tidied up around the Christmas tree, and were just about to have an impromptu nap when the dogs started to indicate that they needed to go out for a few minutes.  That's the way it is when you have dogs, so we tried to get sufficiently awake to run the dogs. Of course Porky and Petunia decided that it was time for grand adventure and a long
hike ... luckily for us, a long hike for these two is all the way to the garage and back. We got in and dried them off, and Alex was just saying that he felt a little more energetic and maybe we should go down to the gym and work out ourselves, and he was bringing me a protein shake ... and he has the pictures to prove I fell back asleep with the exhausted dogs.  So he let me sleep and went and made dinner, bless his heart.

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