Sunday, 23 August 2015

150: Six-month anniversary at The Terrace Restaurant

L/R: Alex Thaub, Rusty Redfield,
The Terrace restaurateur Jorden Andrew
Friday night was the six-month anniversary of the evening when I popped the question and Alex Thaub said, "Yes," so we thought the occasion was worth marking with a good dinner at the same restaurant. The Terrace is where I popped the question in the first place. In the process of getting that set up, restaurateur Jorden Andrew became an interview subject and a friend.
   Our reservation was for
dinner at the penthouse and it was a very elegant four-course meal with accompanying wines. The high point, of course, is the impeccable service from Jorden himself, overlooking the night-scape of Manhattan. It's a very easy experience with only a short learning curve. Animation menus are in the back of the chairs; Jorden passes you the menu, drinking glasses, and silverware and they're in your inventory. The table itself contains all the animations you need.

   After four courses of perfect service, Jorden discreetly disappeared and Alex and I had a chance to explore the functions of the beautiful penthouse apartment with about four hours of privacy with which to do so.  I was remarking that this is one instance when the Second Life necessity to furnish sparsely works with the design of the space; this is what such a penthouse would look like, I think, a small number of well-chosen pieces of furniture. I will merely say that the balcony is very
romantic but the bed itself is ... very very romantic, as is the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace.
   I recommend contacting Jorden Andrew well in advance of your requirements to be sure you can have the experience you require.  But if you have something to commemorate or celebrate, this is an excellent way to do it.
   Here's a SLURL for The Terrace, which will put you close to information and direct links to make reservations.

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