Monday, 17 August 2015

149: The real Cupric Router

Cupric Router: check the date.
Last night Alex Thaub and I dropped in to RED for an hour of deep house music, some dancing, checking out the eye candy, and some friendly convo in the open channel. I've always liked Cupric Router's clubs, and Coop has become a friend. He and his associate Hotboy do a great job at making people feel welcome AND playing some pretty awesome tunage, particularly in the EDM and house genres. The clubs seem to attract a friendly group of people, quite mixed between English-speaking and Spanish/Portuguese-speaking, and with a healthy leavening of all different gender identities and sexual preferences -- and some of the hottest-looking guys on the grid. Definitely worth your time.
   Coop was telling me a strange story last night; he asked me if I could make it a bit more public, and I'm happy to oblige.  Apparently some random hater has created an av with a name very similar to Coop's, and also another av with a name very similar to an av that was Coop's former account, and is running these avs around ... perhaps hoping to be mistaken for the genuine article. I'm not sure of all the details but these two phonies were spotted acting like nitwits in a public sex venue.  Coop wants the word to get out so that people will stop and think for a minute if they seem to see Cupric Router acting like a doofus in public. Check the creation date, which cannot be faked.  If the person in question is about five days old, you have a faker on your hands.
Check yourself before you wreck yourself... 
   I'm becoming accustomed to people doing strange and childish things in Second Life, but honestly this takes the cake for the moment. I can't imagine quite why anyone would do this, but I'm building the picture in my mind of some maladjusted dork living in his mom's basement who has only a dim idea of the rather serious crime known in Canada as "personation".  Nobody can stop you from saying stupid things about other people in Second Life (well, actually, I bless the twinned functions of "block" and "derender" daily, because they actually DO stop those things from coming to my notice); if you find people don't put up with it or you, well, it's still your right to make a fool of yourself in public. As the number of places you're allowed to go dwindles down, that's what you deserve. But this is moving into criminal territory, and it's a symptom of some pretty serious mental illness. Sweetie, whoever you are, check yourself before you wreck yourself, 'kay?  Go back on the meds and give them a week or so to kick in before you sign in under a name that reflects your own reputation, not someone else's. And if you're going to get all pissy with another resident, try taking on someone who doesn't spend a considerable amount of time, energy, and cash altruistically creating interesting experiences for other people to enjoy.  Trust me, it doesn't go over well.

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