Friday, 29 May 2015

136: A short break

I'm sure some of my readers have noticed I've been blogging a lot less frequently in the last few weeks. As sometimes happens, real life has thrown me a family-based curve and I'm spending a lot of time dealing with the effects. I'm getting closer to stability now and I thought I'd mention that I was going to increase my efforts a bit in the next while.  Thanks to my friends who expressed concern: it's all good these days, thanks.
   However, in the future I will be focused more on certain kinds of blogging than others. I enjoy doing interviews and I've heard from many people that they look for that from me, so I'll seek out opportunities with people who have something going on in Second Life and to get them to talk about what interests them. (And if you have something going on, you could do worse than get in touch to say so. Don't be shy.) I'll be doing less about clubs unless there is some kind of special event, or the opening of a new club, etc. It's fun to recommend services and places, and even the occasional store, to my readers, but from now on I'm going to only do that when something strikes my fancy. And I'm going to continue to have fun with my dear Alex Thaub and telling stories about two guys, the farm boy and the city boy, that look just like us, but aren't ;-)
   Your comments, as always, are welcome.

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