Saturday, 18 April 2015

130: Opening Party for Euphoria

I've been busy in real life for the last while, but last night found me with Alex Thaub attending the opening of a new gay club on the grid, Euphoria. It's the product of the efforts of Andreas [andreasartorius] and BD [barbariandiletante], who told me last night they'd created an entire complex; two new clubs, a shopping mall,
BD [left] and Andreas [right]
beach, bathhouse, etc. I haven't had time to see it yet but I always like to explore a new build; might see you there.
   The opening party was VERY well attended last night; there were more than 30 avs in the room within 1/2 hour of the party's starting, which to me suggests a club that's attracting a lot of interest. That, and the Euphoria team
DJ Lex (left) and host Christian (right)
had the good sense to get in well-known party promoters Christian Holland-Solari and Lex Solari-Holland as host and DJ, respectively, to bring their party group in. Last night's party was at one of the two club locations that will both be known as Euphoria: tonight there will be a party at the other location with Andreas as the DJ. Look for an invitation and limo in
Mar'Kenn [Mar'kenn.tatham]
the usual feeds.
   Like I said, there were a lot of people at the opening; my system wasn't coping well with the stresses of photography and I decided after a few pictures to concentrate on crowd shots. Well, that and the fact that there were too many people in the room to get all the names written down correctly! Everything has the defects of its virtues,
BobbyBoy [Bobbyboy18]
I guess; crowded parties are harder to report.  (And a special apology to my friends Maxx and Sinker; my camera had failed completely by the time you arrived, and you two were looking especially good!) Might see you all at the Euphoria party tonight! Here's your SLURL.
Wolf [Ed Floresby]
Hot men at the party
Hot men at the party
Hot men at the party

Hot men at the party
Rusty Redfield (left) and Alex Thaub (right)

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