Friday, 30 May 2014

023: Statues from Maxx

Wouldn't it be nice to find this in your bed? That's what I thought. The naked guy on the bed is Charles -- unfortunately, Charles is a statue. I was out prowling around recently when I came across one of the many little stores where I see interesting goods from my old friend Maxx (DaddyBootz). Maxx is the kind of guy that Second Life was made for; he's not only funny, enthusiastic and sexy, he has the technical skills and the creativity to make full use of the range of creative options that SL makes available. And the range of things that Maxx creates is just mind-boggling. He makes funny gestures, and funny T-shirts, and tattoos, and a full range of things that will help you express your inner werewolf. I've known him to sell animated pornographic GIFs, bunny ears, accessories for ancient Roman living, artwork of zodiac signs ... an amazingly detailed inner-city corner store complete with a sleazy apartment on the second storey, furniture to let you run a bookstore, camo pants, a throne, Bloodlines accessories -- the list is endless. And now he's worked with Krikket Blackheart to produce these really cool mesh statues.
Like, for instance, "Sexy mechanic" to the left. Sexy mechanic is wearing the bottom half of his coveralls as well as a neckerchief and hat, but Gideon, below, is naked as a well-endowed jaybird.
Check out the detail; wonderful facial expressions, a shape that seems like it was made for the skin, complementing the musculature; everything right down to facial freckles and faintly hairy arms. And when you "touch" these guys, they make appropriately sexy sounds. I wanted a "dead boyfriend" as a joke for a friend, but when I started looking at these statues, I just couldn't resist buying all three of them. If you happen to live in a Roman sim, you will want a couple of his detailed centurion statues as door guards, I'm sure. If you check out Maxx's store on Marketplace at (, called Kulgera Creations, you will be amazed at the range of things and utilities, and you'll probably start loading up on inventory!

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